Michael's voice resource brochure

Please download a copy of Michael's VOICE resources brochure.  This brochure has information about our non-profit and helpful resources on prevention, treatment, and recovery.  We have consolidated everything one needs in a single brochure making it easy to find help or give help.  

CARRY NARCAN                    

NARCAN is the brand name for Naloxone. It can be purchased at Rite Aid Pharmacy. Call a day before you go to order. 

In 2015 there were changes to the Good Samaritan law allowing Pharmacists to dispense Naloxone from a standing order. Narcan can be given by intramuscular(IM) injection - into the muscle of the thigh arm or buttocks or with a nasal device (into the nose). Intramusculat is the least expensive (under 50$)

If you need NARCAN and cannot afford to buy it please contact Betsy from Michael's VOICE. 704-777-5340



Please take a minute to read this over .... be the person who STOPS the STIGMA associate to Substance use disorder!!